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Respiratory Medicine

Specialized medical services

KIJIMA Takashi Director of Respiratory Medicine

KIDA Hiroshi
Director of Respiratory Medicine

The clinical section “Respiratory Medicine” provides medical care services to all outpatients with respiratory diseases. We also treat inpatients, most of whom suffer from lung cancer, interstitial pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (pulmonary emphysema, chronic bronchitis), or respiratory tract infection. Special medical care services are provided to patients with lung cancer, who are about 70% of inpatients. Diagnosis is made based mainly on bronchoscopic biopsy, but introduction of ultrasonic endoscopy enables more precise diagnosis. CT-guided biopsy is also performed. Domestic and foreign evidence is rapidly collected to perform the latest, efficacy-promising treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or combined therapy), and various kinds of clinical studies are conducted. In cooperation with the Palliative Care Team, palliative care is actively performed. The Osaka University Hospital pulmonary group of Respiratory Medicine, General Thoracic Surgery, Radiotherapy, and Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology provides medical care services based on a unified treatment policy. In April 2012, a ward shared with General Thoracic Surgery (Respiratory Center) was opened, providing a favorable environment for smooth and efficient pre- and post-operative chemotherapy and pre-pulmonary transplantation evaluation.
Chemotherapy is actively performed on outpatients. Focusing on acquisition of high QOL, we strive to promote the establishment of a medical cooperation system in the community for realization of home medical care. Second opinion services are also provided to outpatients. (For information on how to make an appointment, see the Social Service Department section of our web site.)


OSAKA-Lung Cancer Study Group (OSAKA-LCSG) was formed in cooperation with affiliated medical facilities to conduct various kinds of clinical studies in patients with lung cancer. We are participating in a clinical study conducted by the West Japan Oncology Group (WJOG). We independently conducted clinical studies on PET-CT-based efficacy prediction of molecular target drugs and the effects of WT-1 vaccination therapy.

The Japan Respiratory Society certified center (seven medical specialists, three medical instructors)
The Japan Society for Respiratory Endoscopy certified center (three medical specialists, one medical instructor)
Japanese Board of Cancer Therapy (four certified physicians, one provisional teaching doctor)

Considerations in referring your patients to Respiratory Medicine

In some cases, patients who require urgent hospital admission may be admitted to a facility related to our section. Usually, patients who are to be admitted to the hospital need to wait for more than one month until admission. Accordingly, emergency patients may be admitted to a related facility for immediate treatment until a bed is free. If any abnormality is detected on chest images, ask your patients to bring the images or your findings with them.


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