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Message from the Director

Director,Osaka University Hospital Noguchi Shinzaburo

"Modern and Effective Medical Care" and "Medical Innovation"

As a renowned leader in the field of health care, Osaka University Hospital has earned great praise for the modern and effective medical care services it provides. Our hospital benefits from the close collaboration that takes place among its various departments, a phenomenon that is relatively rare among university hospitals. Moreover, the respective departments are known to offer the best medical care services available in Japan. In the future, we intend to further expand the collaboration among our hospital departments and those working in the various medical professions — notably doctors and medical staff members — while promoting patient-centered medical care teams. As the renowned leader in our field, we will remain focused on achieving even greater progress. Moreover, in order to adapt to the rapid changes forecasted for society and the medical sector while continuing to provide modern and effective medical care services, we believe we must provide medical care services with a focus on enhanced efficiency.

An important mission of our hospital is to assume the leadership role in the development of medical innovations. In August 2015, we were granted certification as a core hospital for clinical research following a positive evaluation of our many years of pursuing initiatives related to the development of advanced medical treatments. The capability of our hospital to quickly transfer the results of basic research into clinical studies is unmatched in the country. We intend to take maximum advantage of our role as a core hospital for clinical research by further strengthening our cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry and by assuming leadership of clinical trials in Japan. Moreover, it is our hope that the head offices of pharmaceutical companies, which once flocked to Osaka, will congregate in Doshomachi once again in the near future, as we eagerly wish to foster a revival in Osaka’s pharmaceutical sector.

We are actively focused on training outstanding medical professionals — including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and medical technicians — who can play active roles throughout Japan in addition to earning the trust of patients while also helping to build the future of this hospital. Furthermore, we are committed to ongoing information sharing, promoting mutual understanding with administrative staff members, and formulating plans for sound hospital operations.

Many of the doctors associated with our hospital remain dedicated to medical treatment, education, and research despite meeting highly demanding work schedules that call for their services both day and night. We believe these doctors choose to work at our university mainly because it fulfills their desire to learn and their commitment to self-directed advancement in the areas of modern medical care and advanced medical innovation. Our goal is to improve the working environment for academic physicians in order to enhance their career satisfaction (by offering the opportunity for research) as much as possible.

The staff members of our university hospital are clearly devoted to working together to undertake the mission outlined above. We look forward to your continued support and understanding as we pursue this goal.


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