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MASAKI Mori Director of Center for Developmental Medicine and Child Psychiatry

Director of
Center for Cancer Genomics and
Personalized Medicine

Cancer is fundamentally a disease of the genes (genome). As normal cells accumulate damaged genes (genome), they become malignant and turn into cancer. However, even in the same type of cancer, the acquired genetic changes (called “somatic genetic alterations”) that occur in cancer varies from patient to patient. At the Center for Cancer Genomics and Personalized Medicine, we investigate genes involved in cancer, especially genes that become therapeutic targets (cancer gene panel examination), and provide information to help select anticancer drugs (especially molecular target drugs). That is, we examine the genomic information of the patient’s cancer, and conduct an investigation that will lead to a highly effective “Cancer Genomic Medicine”.
In cases where a genetic abnormality is found as a target for treatment, if treatment of the patient’s cancer is covered by insurance, it may be done as ordinary health insurance treatment after confirmation by the existing examination. In addition, we inform patients about sponsor initiated clinical trials, investigator initiated clinical trials and other clinical trials in which they might become subjects. Patients who can participate in a trial might be able to receive medication that is not yet approved to treat the cancer with health insurance.
However, please understand that the percentage of genetic abnormalities that become targets for such treatment is not necessarily high at present.


Osaka University Hospital was designated a Cancer Genome Core Hospital in February, 2018. We will promote cancer genomic medicine together with cancer genome collaboration hospitals. We analyze cancer gene panel examinations at the quality assurance genetics laboratory on the 5th floor of the Oncology Center. All of the processes of the examination are done in the hospital, so the examination can be undertaken with confidence.

Considerations in referring your patients to the Center for Cancer Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Our medical examination and tests are not covered by insurance. They are not offered as private practice either by Osaka University Hospital, in which patients bear their own medical expenses.
We plan to start testing as “advanced medical treatment” in the first half of fiscal 2018. We will announce the schedule once decided. Although the costs of advanced medical treatment are borne by the patient, unlike private practice, public health insurance can cover the costs of examination, medication and hospitalization.


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