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First Global and Clinical Trial Advanced and Planning Symposium was held.2017-03-15

On Saturday 4th March, 2017, First Global and Clinical Trial Advanced and Planning Symposium was held under the theme of “To the Globalization of Clinical Research” at Tokyo.

This symposium was organized by Osaka University Hospital and National Cancer Center Hospital, and sponsored by Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) and is part of Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, Global Clinical Trial Development Project. Aiming to give an opportunity to share information among two different countries, two speakers from Europe and Korea were also invited.

Beginning with the greeting of Shinzaburo NOGUCHI, Director of Osaka University Hospital, in the part one, there are two talks on the topic of “Global Clinical Research in Japan” from Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare, and AMED. Following the part one, Dr. Kenichi NAKAMURA from the National Cancer Center Hospital gave a lecture on "Facilitation of International Collaborative Studies in National Cancer Center Hospital", and from the Department of Medical Innovation, Osaka University Hospital Dr. Daisaku NAKATANI introduced on "Efforts on Global Clinical Research at Osaka University Hospital".

In the special lecture, we invited the General Director Jacques DEMOTOES from the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN), and Dr. Min Soon PARK from Yonsei University School of Medicine, addressed a lecture on "Investigator-Initiated Global Clinical Research in Foreign Countries".

Following the special lecture, Dr. Tsutomu NISHIMURA from Translational Research Informatics Center, Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation (TRI) presented a lecture on “Challenges and Prospects in Japan-Initiated Global Clinical Trials Development Project”, in response to it, we discussed grants that are not across borders and differences in regulations among countries in the panel discussion. More than 100 audiences who were from many related institutions participated in the symposium, we believe that this turned out to be a meaningful opportunity for everyone in the symposium to exchange their information and open discussion.
The symposium closed successfully with the positive feedback and interests from a number of participants.


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