2. Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

In consideration of accessibility, the web site of Osaka University Hospital is designed to provide the user with information that is easily viewable and understandable.
This site is operated in accordance with the following guidelines with reference to JIS X8341-3:2010: Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities--Information and communications equipment, software and services--Part 3: Web content (Web content JIS).

Main Items in This Site

[1] Font size
All pages have a button for changing the font display size so that users can select the size of the font.
Horizontal movement and flashing text are in general not used.
[2] Images
Alternative information such as text is provided so that users can correctly understand the content of images.
[3] Color
The information needed to understand and utilize the content is not provided by color alone, and in consideration of users with impaired color vision, and the elderly, coloration is used that can be clearly differentiated through contrast.
[4] Sound
Information with moving images is set not to play or produce sound automatically.
[5] Text to speech
In consideration of voice-enabled browsers, voice read-out navigation can be disabled as needed.
Names of people and places and technical terms may not be read out correctly.


The following content is covered in the directory of the above site.

Recommended Browsers

  • Internet Explorer (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)

Future Efforts

We will continue trying to improve the quality of accessibility.
If you notice anything in this regard while using the site, we would appreciate hearing your opinion or receiving a request.
This will help us to improve the site.

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