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Artificial Intelligence Center for Medical Research and Application (AIM)


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Modern medicine is highly specialized and complexed, which resulted not just a bright side of advanced medicine; it makes a shadow that higher risk of medical misconduct or loss of communications between medical practitioner and patients. Osaka University Hospital will tackle this challenging task of balancing between advanced medicine and the patient center medicine by fully incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) into medical practice and hospital operation. This is how the Artificial Intelligence Center for Medical Research and Application (AIM) is established in 2019. AIM supports physicians, nurses, and all the medical staff collaborating with medical information specialists and data scientists to boost the medical application of AI in daily practices of the hospital. This is to pursue safe and effective AI medicine into clinical practice. Ultimately, this will lead to a well-balanced medical service of engaged communication with patients and improved hospital services.


AIM has three divisions, "AI project division," "AI research support division," and "AI Databank division."

AI research division is consistent with the physician-support AI development group, nurse-support AI development group, and hospital staff support AI development group. Each group will support all aspects of hospital activity with industry-government-academia collaboration.

AI research support division is to support AI projects with AI scientists from the Osaka University Institute for Datability Science, IP department, and the ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) researchers. This division will provide educational programs supporting young generations to engage in AI medical applications.

AI Databank division is to support the "Osaka University Hospital Databank Project," which is to accumulate medical information and utilize them for future AI-based medical devices, programs, and paratheatrical agents. This project is conducted based on individual patient consent. Hospital governance of the secure and well-standardized review process will guarantee to protect patients' privacy when academic and industrial partners utilize large-scale medical information.

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