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NONOMURA Norio Director of Center for Cancer Genomics and Personalized Medicine
Director of
Center for Cancer Genomics and
Personalized Medicine

Cancer is fundamentally a disease of the genes (genome). As normal cells accumulate damaged genes (genome), they become malignant and turn into cancer. However, even in the same type of cancer, the acquired genetic changes (called "somatic genetic alterations") that occur in cancer varies from patient to patient. At the Center for Cancer Genomics and Personalized Medicine, we investigate genes involved in cancer, especially genes that become therapeutic targets (cancer gene panel test), and provide information to help select anticancer drugs (especially molecular target drugs). That is, we examine the genomic information of the patient's cancer, and conduct an investigation that will lead to a highly effective "Cancer Genomic Medicine".
In cases where a genetic abnormality is found as a target for treatment, if treatment of the patient's cancer is covered by insurance, it may be done as ordinary health insurance treatment after confirmation by the existing test. In addition, we inform patients about sponsor initiated clinical trials, investigator initiated clinical trials and other clinical trials in which they might become subjects. Patients who can participate in a trial might be able to receive medication that is not yet approved to treat the cancer with health insurance.
However, please understand that the percentage of genetic abnormalities that become targets for such treatment is not necessarily high at present.
Multiple cancer gene panel tests can be used at our hospital under insurance coverage. We introduce and mediate access to treatments which target the genetic abnormalities found in the gene panel test. We also participate in clinical research (known as the BELIEVE trial) under the patient-proposed health services.

Reference:Clinical Research Under Patient-Proposed Health Services (BELIEVE trial)


Osaka University Hospital was designated a "Cancer Genome Core Hospital" on February 16, 2018, as an advanced medical institution that is a leader in cancer genomic medicine. We meet the standards for a cancer genome core hospital, such as holding a committee (expert panel) where experts gather to examine the analysis results of cancer gene panel tests. We also contribute to fields such as medical treatment, clinical research/trials and research and development of new drugs based on cancer genome information, and development of human resources related to the cancer genome.
As part of the Advanced Medical Care B program, a genetics laboratory (clinical sequence laboratories) has been established on the 5th floor of the Oncology Center, under a cooperation agreement with Takara Bio Inc. From October 2018 to March 2020, we performed analysis in about 200 "cancer gene panel tests" as complete in-hospital cancer genomic medicine. The Oncology Center gathers almost all departments involved in cancer genomic medicine.
Osaka University Hospital also focuses on developing and educating highly specialized human resources throughout the hospital, and in cooperation with cancer genome medical hospitals and the cancer genome collaborative hospitals, we aim for efficient and effective social implementation of genomic medicine, contributing to the construction and promotion of a nationwide system for cancer genomic medicine.

Notice: Designation as Cancer Genome Core Hospital (Japanese only)

Requests regarding introductions for the purpose of "cancer gene panel tests" and "clinical research under patient-proposed health services

On the procedures for referrals and making appointments

Cancer gene panel tests are covered by insurance. "Clinical research under patient-proposed health services" is conducted in combination with health insurance treatment. Patients who wish to have a "cancer gene panel test" or "clinical research under patient-proposed health services" should consult with their doctor, and obtain a referral from the doctor to each clinical section of Osaka University Hospital.

Our Patient Support Center accepts appointments through regional medical facilities.

Referral/Appointment Procedures (Japanese only)

Materials required for cancer gene panel test

・Please prepare the following materials requesting an test at
 Osaka University Hospital. (If there is a shortage, it may not be acceptable.)
・Reporting the test result takes about 2 months, and therefore it is limited
  to patients with PS0 or PS1.
  (Note) PS (performance status) is one of the indicators of general condition
       and indicates the degree of restriction in the patient's daily life. PS0 means
       that there are no problems in activities, and the same daily activities as before
      onset can be performed without restrictions. PS1 represents a state in which
       physically intense activity is restricted, but the patient is ambulatory, and light
       work or sedentary work can be performed.
・Please confirm by checklist.
  1. Letter of referral (providing medical information)
  2. Histopathological medical certificate (*The certificate of the sample FFPE block in 3 below)
  3. Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded block (FFPE block)
  4. Form 1: Clinical information form (cancer genome)
  5.       PDF     Excel
  6. Form 2: Family history questionnaire (cancer genome)
  7.        PDF
  8. [Checklist] Materials required for insured cancer gene panel tests
  9.       PDF
    ・After reporting the test results, follow-up clinical information and outcome information
      will be collected. Please send the follow-up form below within approximately 3 months.

    ◆Form 3: Cancer Genome Follow-up Form
       PDF    Excel
            Address:Center for Cancer Genomics and Personalized Medicine
            2-15 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871

    Cost of the cancer gene panel test

    The cancer gene panel test is carried out as health insurance treatment. Costs will be incurred when requesting an inspection (¥440,000) and when explaining the results (¥120,000). The out-of-pocket cost when covered by insurance is 10% to 30% (¥168,000 in the case of 30%). For patients who qualify for the "high-cost medical expense benefit", which sets an upper limit on your own medical expenses, the burden may be further reduced.
    The test may not be successful depending on the quality (due to the collection method, fixing conditions, etc.) or quantity of the tissue sample. The cost will not be refunded even if analysis is unsuccessful. In addition, if the test is carried out, the cost will be incurred regardless of the result.

    Eligibility criteria for cancer gene panel tests

    ◆Having solid cancer, without standard treatment or standard treatment terminated
      (or expected to be terminated). Having a rare cancer and cancer of unknown primary origin
     for which a standard treatment has not been established.
    ◆Having been judged by their physician to be highly likely to be indicated for chemotherapy after
      the cancer gene panel test, based on their general condition and organ function.

    Requests regarding introductions for "clinical research under patient-proposed health services (known as the BELIEVE trial)"

    When introducing a candidate for the BELIEVE trial to the hospital, please introduce it to each clinical department through the Social Service Department of Osaka University Hospital in the same way as a usual introduction.
    Please confirm the outline, eligibility criteria, exclusion criteria, and costs of the trial in the following document before making an introduction.
    ◆Eligibility criteria, exclusion criteria, acceptance method, etc. for "clinical research under patient-proposed health services (BELIEVE trial)" (Osaka University Hospital version)
       PDF    Word

    If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Cancer Genomics and Personalized Medicine at [contact * mccg.med.osaka-u.ac.jp]. Replace * with @.

    Cancer gene panel test: [contact*mccg.med.osaka-u.ac.jp]
    Patient-proposed health services (BELIEVE trial):[core_geno-uke*mccg.med.osaka-u.ac.jp]

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