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The Center for the Prostate Disease

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NONOMURA Norio Director of the Center for the Prostate Disease
Director of
the Center for the Prostate Disease

Our center was formed as a functional unit to treat patients with prostate diseases, which are increasing with the rapid aging of Japan's population, and accepts [1] patients with urinary disturbance associated with prostate-gland enlargement and [2] patients with prostate cancer.
We conduct urodynamic study (urinary function test) on patients classified in [1] at the clinical section for outpatients, followed by medication based on the test result. Currently, laser is used to perform prostatectomy on patients with prostate-gland enlargement, which is a minimally invasive approach compared with conventional transurethral prostatectomy. Specialized urologists treat these patients in the urinary function clinic instead of the Center for the Prostate Disease.
Definite diagnosis is made on those with high PSA (a prostate tumor marker) values among patients with prostate cancer classified in [2] by 2-night, 3-day prostate biopsy. At present, four types of medical techniques are applied to treatable patients with no metastasis, including those referred from other clinics and hospitals: surgical treatment covered by health care insurance, radiotherapy treatment (external beam radiation therapy), high dose rate brachytherapy, and brachytherapy. Up-to-date intensity-modulated radiotherapy has been introduced, achieving improved outcomes of treatment and reduced complications. Urologists alone cannot always sufficiently explain these treatments, which have specific advantages and disadvantages.
To address this problem, we accept outpatients in this center on Fridays so that both the urologist and radiotherapist can explain sufficiently the possible outcome of treatment and complications for good understanding.
Patients must have had consultation in the Urology clinic before they can be accepted by this center on a Friday morning.


The Center for the Prostate Disease

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