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Geriatrics and Hypertension

Specialized medical services

YAMAMOTO Kouichi Director of Geriatrics and Hypertension
Director of Geriatrics and Hypertension

We specialize in all geriatric diseases and various types of hypertension. It is recommended that you visit our clinical section if you have symptoms such as wooziness, forgetfulness, or unexplained fever, which cannot be treated by individual organ clinical sections or if you feel in vaguely poor condition and you do not know the appropriate clinical section. Our clinical section not only treats diseases, but also supports the improvement of patient's QOL. Counseling and short-term in-hospital examinations are performed for patients who require nursing care and are confined to bed.
As special clinical groups for outpatients, "Outpatient clinical group specializing in resistant hypertension" (Wed., 2:30 pm-, Mon. to Thu., any time) and "Outpatient clinical group specializing in forgetfulness" (Mon., afternoon every two weeks, Thu. and Fri., afternoon) accept outpatients. Moreover, two admission services, "two-days and one-night clinical path admission for patients with forgetfulness" and "one-week hypertension educational admission", have been started. It is said that "A man is as old as his arteries". Accordingly, we provide medical services to patients with hypertension, which is the main contributor to deteriorated arteries, according to the latest guideline. We are committed to treatment of patients with resistant hypertension who find it difficult to lower their blood pressure levels.
We also specialize in secondary hypertension (various endocrine hypertension and renal hypertension), one of the resistant hypertension diseases.
Patients with advanced arteriosclerosis who have pain during walking may receive the latest treatment.


The elderly are likely to develop deteriorated physiological functions and diminished ability to perform ADLs with advancing age. For this reason, it is very important that these patients are treated from both the viewpoints of diseases and physical/mental/social problems. We provide not only medical care services for radical cure, but also "total care support" services to outpatients and post-discharge patients, including full use of nursing-care insurance and social resources by totally assessing patients using comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA). In cooperation with surgical sections, we support risk assessment and management of surgical procedures on elderly patients of 75 years and upward. "Minimally-invasive (painless) examinations" are essential to treatment of elderly patients. It is recommended that "minimally-invasive examinations" be performed on the whole body of elderly patients using two ultrasonic diagnostic imaging equipment and PWV. Our clinical section has been involved in the preparation of Japanese Society of Hypertension Guidelines for the Management of Hypertension, playing a leading role in treatment of "elderly patients with hypertension". We have accumulated achievements in diagnosis and treatment of secondary hypertension associated with renal diseases, renovascular stenosis, and adrenal tumors, as well as in treatment of resistant hypertension.

Considerations in referring your patients to Geriatrics and Hypertension

We provide medical care services to elderly patients with general diseases, those with geriatric diseases including cognitive symptoms, and those with more than one complication who are difficult to have consultation in any of the organ clinical sections. Counseling services are also provided to the attendants of patients who require nursing care and are confined to bed to help them to fill in the application form for Nursing Care Insurance according to CGA. We make differential diagnosis of patients suspected of having resistant hypertension or secondary hypertension, and based on the result, determine a treatment policy appropriate for them; furthermore, we assess any complications in patients with general essential hypertension to present a treatment policy according to the guidelines for reference. We strongly recommend that you use "Outpatient clinical group specializing in resistant hypertension", "Outpatient clinical group specializing in forgetfulness", "two-days and one-night clinical path admission for patients with forgetfulness", and "one-week hypertension educational admission".

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