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Division of Nutritional Management


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Director SHIMOMURA Iichiro (concurrent)
Deputy Directors TAZUKE Yuuko (concurrent)
NAGAI Naoko (Director of Nutritional Management Office)
Division of Nutritional Management Staff Four physicians (concurrent), one part-time physician (full-time), one chief registered dietitians (full-time), twelve registered dietitians (full-time), one registered nurse (concurrent), one pharmacist (concurrent), one medical technologist (concurrent), and four licensed cooks (full-time)

Division of Nutritional Management

Our division is composed of four sections: the Nutritional Support Team (NST), Nutritional Metabolism Control Team, Nutritional Dietary Team, and Nutritional Management Office. Specialized medical care staff are assigned to all sections, including physicians, registered dietitians, registered nurses, medical technologists, and licensed cooks.

Nutritional Support Team (NST)

A cross-functional team of physicians, a registered dietitian (full-time), pharmacists, a medical technologist and registered nurse who have specialized knowledge of nutritional management provides patients who have nutritional disorders with medical care services such as nutritional assessment, parenteral or enteral nutrition management, and measures for addressing complications to improve the outcomes of treatment. In particular, we strive to establish an advanced nutritional management approach to treat highly stressed patients and cardiac/hepatic/lung transplant patients, patients undergoing chemotherapy, and others who require total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

NST members
Three physicians, one medical technologist, two pharmacists, two registered dietitian, and one registered nurse
NST round visits
10:00 am every Tuesday and Thursday

Nutritional Metabolism Control Team

The team accepts patients with overnutrition, suffering from diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, and/or hypertension. We aim to screen these patients from all patients who visit any of the clinical sections of this hospital to provide effective nutritional management and nutrition counseling services, to achieve improved outcomes of treatment, prevent complications, as well as enhance vital prognosis and patient's QOL.

Nutritional Dietary Team/Nutritional Management Office

Osaka University Hospital supplies meals to in-patients (therapeutic food) as part of medical treatment, which includes planning menus and cooking the meals. We pay careful attention to sanitary conditions, and in planning over 100 dishes we also prepare safe foods for food-allergic patients. Our lunch and dinner menus rotate on a four-week cycle as we strive to supply meals with seasonal ingredients and rich variety. Our special therapeutic foods, including diabetic diet and renal disease diet menus, are important for teaching patients about diet therapy. We also hope they will serve as a model for preparing meals after discharge from the hospital. Our general therapeutic meals offer two choices for the main dish for lunch and dinner to provide enjoyment of meals during one's stay.

Nutrition counseling

Subject In/
Day of
the week
Time Place Remarks
Individual Inpatient Mon. to Fri. 10:00~
Consultation rooms of clinical sections Deadline: 12:00 pm the day before appointment
Outpatient Mon. to Fri. 9:00~9:30
Nutritional counseling room
Group Inpatient (Suspended)Wed., every two weeks 13:05~14:05 East Bldg. 12 floor conference room Deadline: 12:00 pm on the day

Patient advocacy group

The patients' association listed below is mainly for outpatients. It works with certified nutritionists, doctors, nurses, and those in other occupations to provide assistance to patients. Communication takes place through annual events.

Name Members Event Schedule
Akebono Kai Patients with diabetes mellitus General meeting: lunch meeting, recreation Annually
Handai Himawarinokai Patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis Lunch meeting, study session Annually

Other activities

Since 2007, we have offered a "Metaboless Menu" at the Sky Restaurant on the 14th floor of the hospital. This menu was created in collaboration between a registered dietitian and a hotel chef to prevent and combat "metabolic syndrome."
  • Certified diabetes educator of Japan
  • Certified Expert Registered Dietitian
  • Certified Specialist of Registered Dietitian for Cancers,CSRDC
  • NST-certified therapist
  • Licensed Expert Nutrition Counselor, LENC


Nutritional Management Office, Division of Nutritional Management (extension 5283)
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