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General Thoracic Surgery

Specialized medical services

SHINTANI Yasushi Director of General Thoracic Surgery
Director of General Thoracic Surgery

We perform surgical procedures on all patients with respiratory diseases including lung cancer, emphysematous pulmonary diseases, myasthenia gravis, mediastinal tumor, pneumothorax, and empyema. Our clinical section is designated as a center for pulmonary transplantation from a brain-dead donor/living donor. We also perform chemotherapy and radiotherapy on patients with progressive lung cancer, in cooperation with Respiratory Medicine and Department of Radiology, followed by radical surgery. We perform thoracoscopic surgery including robotic-assisted thoracoscopic surgery or uni-portal thoracoscopic surgery on patients with early-stage lung cancer, striving to reduce the physical burden. The active use of thoracoscopic surgery on patients with mediastinal tumor and myasthenia gravis enables reduction of their surgical wounds and early discharge. We perform surgical procedures for radical cure while reducing the physical burden, being committed to promotion of advanced medical technology such as pulmonary transplantation.


Over 400 of cases undergo surgical procedures under general anesthesia. Annual by-disease numbers of patients, who undergo surgery are about 140 for pulmonary cancer, 40 for metastatic pulmonary tumor, and 60 for mediastinal disease. About 70% of them undergo thoracoscopic surgery. We perform reductive surgery such as segmental resection, considering that the remaining pulmonary function may be conserved, and thoracoscopic surgery on patients with early-stage small lung cancer.
We have a lot of outcomes in treatment for patients with mediastinal tumor, Myasthenia gravis (MG) and have performed extended thymectomy on about 600 patients with myasthenia gravis with/without thymoma in 50 years. We conduct clinical research regarding the application of robot-assisted surgery for patients with thymoma, MG, and lung cancer to establish new surgical techniques. Our clinical section, one of seven facilities in which medical care services are provided for pulmonary transplantation, has performed lung transplantation from brain-dead donors on 66 patients, lung transplantation from living donors on 11 patients, and heart‐lung transplantation from brain-dead donors on 3 patients since 2000. Three supervisory doctors certified by the Japan Surgical Society and over 10 medical specialists certified by the Japanese Association for Chest Surgery work together in our clinical section, which is designated as an educational center for surgeons specialized in general thoracic surgery and a center for certifying medical specialists in thoracic surgery.

Considerations in referring your patients to General Thoracic Surgery

Please feel free to refer your patients with pulmonary mass and mediastinal tumor to our clinical section. We actively provide second opinion services. Please ask your patients to bring diagnostic images such as X-ray images of the chest and CT images, as well as the results of blood tests such as tumor markers with them. Please contact our doctors' office in advance to have counseling for pulmonary transplantation (06-6879-3152, weekdays 10:00 am - 5:00 pm) and you can make an appointment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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