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Specialized medical services

IKEDA Manabu Director of Neuropsychiatry
IKEDA Manabu
Director of Neuropsychiatry

We provide medical care services to a wide range of patients, from those with neuropsychiatry diseases such as schizophrenia, mood disorder, anxiety disorder, dementia, epilepsy, stress disorder, eating disorder, and sleep disorder, to those who have neuropsychiatry problems such as the need for liaison psychiatry and adolescent problems.

In addition to a general clinic, we have specialist clinics to treat patients with neuropsychological diseases (forgetfulness, dementia, higher brain dysfunction), schizophrenia, child psychiatric disease, adolescent disease, and sleep disorder.

We are taking advantage of characteristics of Osaka University Hospital to provide the latest treatment from clinical trial phase and medical care services aiming to elucidate and overcome psychiatric disorders.


The neuropsychology clinic performs complete checking on patients with forgetfulness, and careful evaluation and treatment of patients with dementia or higher brain dysfunction. Depending on the demands of patients, we provide a three-day hospitalization for assessments, in addition to that including a 2or3-week treatment.

The schizophrenia clinic performs specialized assessments for early-stage diagnosis of schizophrenia and evaluates existing methods of treatment and intervention in intractable cases. We also have a treatment by actively using Clozaril.

The child psychiatric and adolescent disease clinic conducts psychotherapy in patients under 18 of age and in patients at 18 or above, respectively.

The sleep disorder clinic (one section of the Sleep Medical Center) provides specialized diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea syndrome (SAS), narcolepsy, and other sleep disorders, as well as short-term hospitalization for assessments.

*The dementia clinic and the schizophrenia clinic accept referrals from other medical care facilities and nursing-care facilities in the community to carry out assessments on the patients. The results of these assessments are reported to the physicians in charge and the patients. The patients go back to their facilities to continue the treatment. The results of assessments are used in research to elucidate the pathological conditions of dementia and schizophrenia and develop treatment techniques for these diseases.

*The child psychiatric disease clinic accepts only patients referred from specialty care facilities in the community, such as clinics and hospital sections specialized in psychiatric medicine or psychosomatic medicine. Our objective is to give the definite diagnosis of psychiatric diseases and treat patients with these diseases at the acute stage, supporting long-term treatment in the community. As mentioned above, we accept referred patients, assuming that the referred patients go back to their hospital in the community after their condition has stabilized to continue treatment. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

*The sleep disorder clinic (a division of the Sleep Medical Center) deals with sleep disorders (special diseases of sleep) such as sleep apnea syndrome, narcolepsy, REM sleep behavior disorder, and restless legs syndrome. Referrals are made when a local psychiatrist or psychosomatic specialist has examined the patient and suspects a sleep disorder. So-called "insomnia" and insomnia and difficulty waking up due to disturbed rhythm of life, and insomnia and hypersomnia due to psychiatric disorders (mood disorder and stress disorder) are not covered by the sleep disorder clinic.

Considerations in referring your patients to Neuropsychiatry

In principle, we accept only referred patients. The adequate appointment time schedule for first-time visitors has been reserved. For the referred patients to receive our consultation, their physicians in charge need to make an appointment for them. This can largely reduce their waiting time and allows the individual patients to receive consultation directly by a specialist appropriate for his/her disease.

For information on how to make an appointment, see the Patient Support Center section of our web site.

In principle, specialists are staffed to treat outpatients with any psychiatric diseases, however, keep in mind that not all are available every day. Please make an appointment and prepare for referral letters describing the medical records of the patient. The referred patients themselves have to visit our clinical section at the first time with the referral letter. If not, they cannot receive consultation.

Appointments for outpatients with "chronic fatigue syndrome" are unavailable because no specialist is present.

【Considerations in referring your patient to sleep disorder clinic】
Since June 13, 2022, the Sleep disorder clinic has prepared a special referral form for the sleep disorder clinic. Please ask your family doctor to prepare a letter of referral using the dedicated referral letter format(sleep disorder clinic).

・The dedicated referral letter format(sleep disorder clinic)
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