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MIZUKI Masao Director of the Chemotherapy
Director of the Chemotherapy

The chemotherapy rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Oncology Center are designed to allow cancer patients who are receiving medical treatment at our hospital to undergo anticancer drug treatment or antibody treatment safely and comfortably on an outpatient basis in specialized treatment rooms. Many patients have been treated since it was established in December 2003. Today, one in two people will develop cancer, and chemotherapy is going to be used in the treatment of many of these cancers. Due to the adoption of new anticancer drugs and more effective countermeasures against side effects, cancer patients are now able to stay at home during treatment. At the chemotherapy clinic, we not only have the space to provide patients with safe and comfortable treatment, but also various medical personnel cooperate to support patients' home care.


The Oncology Center building was opened in September of 2015, and the chemotherapy rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors are furnished with 42 reclining chairs and beds. Our facility is capable of treating up to 70 patients in a single day. Especially, by providing more beds to respond to patient's comfort, outpatients can receive treatment in the same environment as hospitalization.
While the patient safely receives the infusion, doctors, nurses and pharmacists with abundant specialized knowledge cooperate in wide-ranging consultations on side effects and social resources. If more specialized consultation is necessary, we also actively collaborate with full-time medical social workers and clinical practitioners.
In the pediatric treatment room, we treat nearly 50 child patients annually. We have secured a semi-private room for a single family so that children can receive chemotherapy while enjoying TV and DVDs with their parents or playing games.
There is a blood sampling room on the first floor of the Oncology Center. This blood sampling room was established to minimize the waiting time of patients receiving chemotherapy. Therefore, patients receiving chemotherapy treatment on the day are prioritized for blood collection. In addition, since the nurse who performs blood collection is also working the treatment room, blood sampling is done from a safe part where the drug will not leak from the blood vessel.

Considerations in referring your patients to Chemotherapy

Currently, the chemotherapy clinic is conducting cancer chemotherapy for almost all clinical sections. The reservation system is used, in a two-part system with the outpatient physician taking reservations in the morning or afternoon. The patient should come to the chemotherapy room to receive treatment after a doctor's examination in the consultation room on the first floor of the Oncology Center, or the clinical section in charge. We do not accept reservations by phone from patients, so please contact the appropriate clinical section.

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