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Specialized medical services

OGAWA Kazuhiko Director of Radiotherapy
OGAWA Kazuhiko
Director of Radiotherapy

Radiation therapy has become one of the main treatments for malignant tumors. In our department, radiation therapy has been applied to various diseases mainly on malignant tumors. In addition, benign diseases, such as keloid and schwannoma, have been also treated.
In general, radiation therapy has been divided into external beam radiotherapy using X-rays and brachytherapy using a small radiation isotope. In external beam radiation therapy in our department, not only three-dimensional irradiation, which is widely used, but also high-precision radiation therapy such as stereotactic radiation therapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) are actively performed. Also, brachytherapy has been applied to the patients with prostate cancer, gynecological cancer and tongue cancer.


Treatments of radiation therapy have been decided based on the consensus of our expert staffs including radiation oncologists and medical physicists, thereby suitable treatment can be achieved with irradiating to the tumor precisely and also effectively reducing irradiation to normal tissues. We are now actively using intensity-modulated radiation therapy for many tumors. In stereotactic radiotherapy, we mainly use CyberKnife to treat brain metastases, head and neck malignant tumors, lung malignant tumors, liver malignant tumors, prostate cancer, spinal metastases, and oligometastases.
Concerning brachytherapy, treatment with 125 iodine seeds for prostate cancer (mainly low risk case) and treatments with high-dose-rate brachytherapy for gynecological cancer, prostate cancer and tongue cancer are available.

Considerations in referring your patients to Radiotherapy

As a general rule, please introduce the patient to the main department in charge of each disease (for example, gastroenterology for esophageal cancer).

Please introduce the treatment requests directly to our departments with an introduction letter with data including blood tests and the images of CT MRI and/or PET-CT for stereotactic radiotherapy using CyberKnife for brain metastases, head and neck malignancies, pulmonary malignancies, hepatic malignancies, spinal metastases, and oligo-metastases.

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