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Unit of Dentistry


UCHIHASHI Toshihiro ( Dental, Oral surgery )
MATSUI Saori ( Dental )

■Dental hygienist
OTAKU Masayo

Specialized medical services

Previously, the Unit of Dentistry operated on a daily rotation system whereby a dentist from the Osaka University Dental Hospital would be on duty to take charge of hospitalized patient's dental treatment. However, believing that a full-time dentist was required for ongoing treatment, one dentist (assistant professor) became in charge from April 2011.
Also, from April 2018 the number of dentists has increased, and two dentists consult.
The purpose of this unit is to provide patients who are hospitalized at the Osaka University Hospital with dental support to allow focus on treatment of the primary disease.
Specific services include:

  • General dental treatment (However, because prosheses that require a technician, such as dentures and bridges, can cause confusion due to descharge before completion and fitting, they are restricted to long-term hospitalized patients and other patients who so desire are referred to the dental hospital.)
  • Oral care during chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Perioperative oral care for surgery on malignant tumors in the head and neck area, respiratory organs or digestive organs, organ transplant surgery or cardiovascular surgery, etc.
  • Ancillary care in cases where oral care in the ward is difficult
  • Evaluation of the presence of a dental source of infection and its removal in patients scheduled for immunosuppression and use of bisphosphonate agents


Because the full-time dentist has experience as an oral surgery specialist at the Osaka University Dental Hospital, surgical treatment for patients systemically at risk that could not be done by a general dental practitioner (tooth extraction, cyst removal, etc.) can be performed with the attending physician's permission. Even if taking warfarin, teeth can be extracted with firm local hemostasis if PT-INR is 2.5 or less (2.0 for impacted tooth extraction).
We also aim for early rehabilitation of patients at Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery with oral cancer by cooperating with the Department of Removable Prosthodontics, Osaka University Dental Hospital before surgery to provide braces or jaw dentures soon after surgery according to the case.

Considerations in referring your patients to Unit of Dentistry

Treatment at this unit is limited to patients who are hospitalized at the Osaka University Hospital. Other patients should visit the Osaka University Dental Hospital. Hospitalized patients who wish to be examined at the Unit of Dentistry should always get a referral from their attending physician.

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