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Center for Developmental Medicine and Child Psychiatry

Specialized medical services

OOZONO Keiichi Director of Center for Developmental Medicine and Child Psychiatry

OOZONO Keiichi
Director of
Center for Developmental Medicine
and Child Psychiatry

Doctors and psychologists from Pediatrics, Neuropsychiatry, Obstetrics and other healthcare professionals collaborate to provide medical care for developmental disorders.
Specifically, we provide diagnosis as well as precise evaluation and guidance when autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders or learning disorders are suspected in children and adolescents aged 18 or younger.
Although we do not treat childhood-onset psychiatric disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, eating disorders, etc.), treatment is provided if these are suspected to be based in developmental disorders. We also provide support for dysfunction (child-rearing difficulty, mother's anxiety) in families raising children with developmental disabilities.
In addition to interviews, examinations, specialized questionnaires for developmental disorders, and collecting information from schools and communities, when needed we also conduct precise evaluation of autism spectrum disorders (Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised - ADI-R, Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Generic - ADOS-G)


At the "Molecular Research Center for Children’s Mental Development", established in 2006, we engage in research on developmental disorders, focusing on medicine in interdisciplinary areas including brain science, education, psychology and nursing. The "Center for Developmental Medicine and Child Psychiatry" cooperatively conducts advanced medical treatment, based on the experience and knowledge cultivated in the activities of the "Molecular Research Center for Children’s Mental Development".

As of December 20016, the Center for Developmental Medicine and Child Psychiatry is a functional unit, though without unified outpatient reception, providing medical care separately for Pediatrics and Neuropsychiatry, and patients are treated collaboratively according to symptoms and age.
Utilizing each area of expertise, we conduct developmental, psychological and brain function evaluations, psychological education, psychotherapy and treatment with medication. We also actively cooperate with schools and communities as needed.

Considerations in referring your patients to the Center for Developmental Medicine and Child Psychiatry

The primary care doctor of patients visiting for the first time must make an appointment for the first visit through our Social Service Department. Patients under the age of 16 who wish to visit Pediatrics should make an appointment for a developmental disorders examination. If being introduced from your psychiatric department, or the patient is age 16 or over, an appointment should be made for an examination at Neuropsychiatry.


Guide for Visitors
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First-time visitors to Osaka University Hospital must have a referral from a physician.

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