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Heart Center

Specialized medical services

SAWA Yoshiki Director of the Heart Center
SAWA Yoshiki
Director of the Heart Center

The Heart Center was established in 2007, combining cardiovascular medicine and cardiovascular surgery to provide comprehensive and state-of-the-art health care. Further, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Room began operations in 2009, conducting high quality and thorough health care.
The Heart Center treats a wide range of patients from emergency cases to chronic conditions, combining internal medicine and surgery and cooperating on a range of activities including conferences, ward rounds, preoperative conferences and transplantation conferences. Clinical rounds of professors of cardiology and cardiac surgery have been held since January, 2014.
The Heart Center has three major features.

1) Treatment of Severe Heart Failure
This hospital has approval for heart transplants, and many patients with severe heart failure are referred here from all over Japan. In order for the patients to receive optimum medical care, physicians and surgeons cooperate across the boundaries of their specialties to provide drug treatments such as β-blockers, ventricular resynchronization therapy, arrhythmia ablation treatment, mitral valve repair, as well as the latest assisted circulation and heart transplantation, aware of being the last defense in cardiology in Japan. We are actively incorporating state-of-the-art treatments such as myocardial sheets. When a patient with severe heart failure cannot come to our hospital because of his critical condition, our heart transplantation team including cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, and transplantation coordinator will visit the patient in his hospital.
2) Treatment of Valvular Disease
The Heart Center was the first in Japan to introduce aortic valve replacement via catheter for aortic valve disease(transcatheter aortic valve implanation), which is expected to increase as society ages, and has accumulated experience. We perform two or three cases of TAVI procedures a week since November, 2013. We are actively involved in less invasive treatments for other valvular diseases as well.
3) Treatment of Large Blood Vessels and Coronary Arteries
In the treatment of large blood vessels (such as an aortic aneurysm), the aim is for less invasive treatment using an aortic stent, and treatment of coronary artery disease, which is a common complication in such cases, using a catheter is conducted smoothly while combining internal medicine and surgery. Specialized catheter technology is also applied for complex lesions in coronary artery disease.

Number of Ventricular Assist Device in our hospital

Number of TAVI in our hospital

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