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Kampo Medicine

Specialized medical services

HAGIHARA Keisuke Director of Kampo Medicine
Director of Kampo Medicine

In our clinical section we have physicians who are certified in a particular field and who also specialize in Kampo medicine (traditional Japanese medicine). We provide four types of medical care service to outpatients. In the outpatient service for "intractable immunological diseases" we treat patients with rheumatoid arthritis, collagen diseases, and allergic diseases that include atopic dermatitis. In the outpatient service for "cancer supportive therapy", we manage adverse effects in patients who are receiving hormone therapy and/or chemotherapy for malignant diseases. In the outpatient service for "stress diseases", we treat patients who feel depressed and are in poor health due to mental stress. In outpatient care for "anti-aging medicine" we treat patients who feel various symptoms associated with aging. In addition, we treat patients who complain about excessive sensitivity to cold, dysmenorrhea infertility, and menopausal symptoms. We do not perform any acupuncture or moxibustion therapy.


Against the background of highly advanced medical technology at the Osaka University Hospital, we aim to provide combination therapy using both Kampo medicine and modern medicine. With the Kampo medicine approach, we focus on making a holistic examination of patients and select Kampo preparations to improve the QOL of patients who undergo advanced treatment. In the treatment we use about 140 herbal extract drugs and about 160 kinds of herbs, which are covered by health care insurance.
We aim to build clinical evidence for Kampo medicine, which has traditionally relied on judgments based on medical experience, so please take part in one of our clinical studies during treatment, if possible. The first visit may take a long time because of the particular examination techniques used in Kampo medicine. For this reason, you are required to make an appointment if you wish to have a consultation in our clinical section. Please be sure to come to our section one hour before your appointment.

Considerations in referring your patients to Kampo Medicine

Please be sure to make an appointment for your patient through the Social Service Department of the Osaka University Hospital. We regularly perform various kinds of examinations, blood tests, diagnostic imaging, and so on. As a result, we sometimes recommend consultation with specialized physicians in our hospital according to the medical condition encountered. Please provide this information to your patients. Our clinical section specializes in outpatient treatment. We cannot accept patients at night or on holidays because we have no beds in our clinical section. If your patient's condition suddenly changes, please consult the clinical section in our hospital that usually treats them.

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Information for Outpatients

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※First-time visitors to Osaka University Hospital must have a referral from a physician.

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